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Catalog Number 1987.3.0386
Title [Reel-to-reel tape recorded by Louis Armstrong]
Object Type Tape
Collection Louis Armstrong Collection
Description Scope: Recordings of sound recordings. Originally cataloged in "Tape Catalog #2, Part 1" (see Manuscripts, 1987.2.23). Collage on front of tape box includes an image of Joe Glaser. Collage on back of tape box includes a photo of Louis and Lucille meeting Pope Paul VI in 1968.

Contents (as on compact disc reference copy):

Disc 1, Tracks 1-27: Recording of the sound recording "Jazz Odyssey: The Sound of Chicago, 1923-1940": "Droppin' Shucks" (Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five); Track "Messin' Around" (Cookie's Gingersnaps); Track 3: "That Creole Band" (Al Wynn and His Gut Bucket Five); Track 4: "Plantation Joys" (Luis Russell and His Heebie Jeebie Stompers); Track 5: "Dusty Bottom Blues" (Richard M. Jones and His Jazz Wizards); Track 6: "Get 'Em Again Blues" (Chicago Footwarmers); Track 7: "Savoyager's Stomp" (Carroll Dickerson's Orchestra); Track 8: "Symphonic Raps" (Carroll Dickerson's Orchestra); Track 9: "Liza" (McKenzie and Condon's Chicagoans); Track 10: "China Boy" (McKenzie and Condon's Chicagoans); Track 11: "Nobody's Sweetheart" (McKenzie and Condon's Chicagoans); Track 12: "Oh, Baby" (Eddie Condon Quartet); Track 13: "Indiana" (Eddie Condon Quartet); Track 14: "Craze-o-logy" (Bud Freeman); Track 15: "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" (Bud Freeman); Track 16: "Smiling Skies" (Benny Meroff Orchestra); Track 17: "Gambler's Dream" (Hociel Thomas); Track 18: "Suitcase Blues" (Hersal Thomas); Track 19: "Jack O'Diamonds Blues" (Sippie Wallace); Track 20: "Pratt City Blues" (Bertha Chippie Hill); Track 21: "You Can't Get That Stuff No More" (Tampa Red); Track 22: "Strut That Thing" (Cripple Clarence Lofton); Track 23: "Louie, Louise Blues" (Big Bill Broonzy); Track 24: "Bear Trap Blues" (Jimmy Yancey); Track 25: "Fifteen Cents" (Frankie Half Pint Jaxon and His Hot Shots); Track 26: "Dirty Dozen's Cousins" (Alabama Rascals); Track 27: "Zuddan" (Reuban Reeves and His River Boys); Disc 2, Tracks 1-13: Recording of the sound recording "Jazz Odyssey: The Sound of Chicago, 1923-1940": "I Would Do Anything For You" (Jimmie Noone); Track 2: "Liza" (Jimmie Noone); Track 3: "Reincarnation" (Paul Mares and HIs Friar's Society Orchestra); Track 4: "The Land of Dreams" (Paul Mares and HIs Friar's Society Orchestra); Track 5: "Ubangi Man" (Charles LaVere); Track 6: "A Monday Date" (Earl Hines); Track 7: "Sensational Mood" (Earl Hines); Track 8: "Take It Easy" (Earl Hines); Track 9: "After You've Gone" (Roy Eldridge); Track 10: "Florida Stomp" (Roy Eldridge); Track 11: "Heckler's Hop" (Roy Eldridge); Track 12: "Chloe" (Horace Henderson); Track 13: "Swingin' and Jumpin'" (Horace Henderson). Tracks 14-26: Recording of Johnny Dodds and Kid Ory sound recording, "Johnny Dodds and Kid Ory": "Gate Mouth"; Track 15: "Too Tight Blues"; Track 16: "I Can't Say"; Track 17: "Perdido Street Blues"; Track 18: "Papa Dip" (incomplete); Track 19: "Papa Dip"; Track 20: "Mixed Salad"; Track 21: "Brown Bottom Bess"; Track 22: "My Baby"; Track 23; "Mad Dog"; Track 24: "Lady Love"; Track 25: "Oriental Man"; Track 26: "Flat Foot." Track 27: "Fat Stuff Serenade" (Rex Stewart). Disc 3, Tracks 1-11: Recording of sound recording "Ellington Sidekicks": "San Juan Hill" (Rex Stewart); Track 2: "I'll Come Back for More" (Rex Stewart); Track 3: "Pelican Drag" (Barney Bigard); Track 4: "Tapioca" (Barney Bigard); Track 5: "Minuet in Blues" (Barney Bigard); Track 6: "Mobile Blues" (Cootie Williams); Track 7: "Delta Mood" (Cootie Williams); Track 8: "Have a Heart" (Cootie Williams); Track 9: "Prelude to a Kiss" (Johnny Hodges); Track 10: "The Jeep is Jumpin'" (Johnny Hodges); Track 11: "Swingin' on the Campus" (Johnny Hodges). Tracks 12-21: Recording of Alfred Eisenstein sound recordings: "If You Were Mine" (Alfred Eisenstein); Track 13: "Impromptu" (Composed by Alfred Eisenstein, performed by the Great Vienna Broadcasting Orchestra, Conducted by Ladislaus Varady); Track 14: "Lament" (Alfred Eisenstein) (sung by Aldolf Dallapozza); Track 15: "Two Castanets" (Alfred Eisenstein); Track 16: "Love 'n Grief" (Alfred Eisenstein, sung by Adolf Dallapozza); Track 17: "Barcarole O'Stry On The Water" (Alfred Eisenstein, sung by Adolf Dallapozza); Track 18: "Life Was Beautiful" (Alfred Eisenstein, sung by Adolf Dallapozza); Track 19: "When I Look in your Eyes" (Alfred Eisenstein, sung by Judith Hellwig); Track 20: "Tango of Love"; Track 21: [unidentified selection; Louis has written "More Eisenstein" in his catalog); Disc 3, Track 1: "Adagio Lamentoso" (Alfred Eisenstein); Track 2: "Melodic Reflections for Cello and Orchestra" (Alfred Eisenstein); Track 3: "Movements for String Orchestra" (Alfred Eisenstein); Track 4: "Petite Suite for Violin and Orchestra" (Alfred Eisenstein).
Tape Information Reel 86 according to ”Tape Catalog #2, Part 1” (see Manuscripts, 1987.2.23)
People Beiderbecke, Bix
Dominique, Natty
Eisenstein, Alfred
Glaser, Joe
Hines, Earl
Lang, Eddie
Noone, Jimmie
Oliver, King
Year Range from 1970.0
Year Range to 1971.0
Creator Louis Armstrong
Caption 1987.3.386 Front
Accession number 1987.3