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Catalog Number 1987.6.139--1987.6.153
Title Undersized Periodicals, Box 10 "The Second Line."
Object Type Magazine
Collection Louis Armstrong Collection
Description This box contains 14 issues of "The Second Line" owned by Louis and/or Lucille Armstrong between 1951 and 1980, as well as a bound volume consisting of every issue of the magazine between 1965 and 1969. Issues include:

October 1951 - Mention of Armstrong in article on October meeting of Jazz Club of New Orleans on p.3.

November 1951 - Article on Emerson Parker of Jazz Club of Washington, D.C. on p. 4, mentions Armstrong as influence.

December 1951 - Nothing related to Louis (but does contain articles on Tony Parenti, Snoozer Quinn and Pee Wee Russell).

July-August 1965 - Issue celebrating Armstrong's golden anniversary in show business. Cover shows Armstrong Medallion (front and reverse) struck by National Mint of France, designed by Germaine Resseguier. Advertisement for concert of Armstrong and All Stars for October 31, 1965 in New Orleans. Appreciation by Clay Watson on p. 88-91. Limericks written for Armstrong's 65th Birthday on p. 97. Photo essay on Armstrong's career featuring five black & white photos spanning many years on p. 99-100. Article by Harry E. Goodwin on p. 101 about spending time offstage with Louis (refers to a meeting that was captured on tape and can be heard at 1987.3.667). (Two copies, one located in bound volume.)

January-February 1965 - Blurb on Louis in Bombay on p. 12, mentioning his desire to record one of the Vatican approved jazz Masses with Joe Bushkin. Mentions of Louis going to see the musical "Hello, Dolly" and playing at Basin Street on p. 14. The effort to save Louis's New Orleans home is mentioned on p. 20. Louis is mentioned in a piece on Henry "Red" Allen on p. 21. (Located in bound volume.)

March-April 1965 - Article interviewing Louis on his trip to Memphis in February 1965 on p. 35-36 (tape of this interview can be found at 1987.3.667); with black & white photo. A rave review of Louis and the band in a concert in Memphis, Feb. 21, 1965 on p. 34, 37. Article on Barney Bigard discusses his relationship with Louis Armstrong on p. 43. (Located in bound volume.)

May-June 1965 - Photo of Louis with a disc jockey on p. 66. Louis tops Jazzology poll in the trumpet, male vocal and favorite all-around jazz artist categories on p. 67-69. Update on Louis's bout with varicose veins, along with mention of his recent appearance on the "Hollywood Palace," p. 80. Clay Watson writes about a recent visit by Jack Bradley and Jeann Failows to New Orleans, mentioning their visit to the Colored Waif's Home on p. 75-76. (Located in bound volume.)

September-October 1965 - "Welcome Home Satchmo" on cover in celebration of Louis's appearance at Loyola University on October 31, 1965. Article based on interview with Louis Armstrong by Helen Arlt in Las Vegas in July, 1965 on p. 115-117. (Located in bound volume.)

November-December 1965 - Article by Danny Barker describes the airport scene when Louis arrived in New Orleans on p. 138-140. More articles on Armstrong's return to New Orleans on p. 140-144. Louis mentioned in obituary of Clarence Williams on p. 147-148. Article on the various awards given to Louis, along with a two-page photo spread, on p. 150-154. (Located in bound volume.)

January-February 1966 - Final recount of Armstrong's 1965 return to New Orleans on p. 17-19. (Located in bound volume.)

March-April 1966 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

May-June 1966 - Louis mentioned in obituary for Freddie Assunto on p. 56. Billy Kyle obituary on p. 66, along with news item about Marty Napoleon replacing him in the All Stars. (Located in bound volume.)

July-August 1966 - Photo of Louis and Beale Riddle on p. 91. (Located in bound volume.)

September-October 1966 - Louis mentioned in Johnny St. Cyr's obituary on p. 107. (Located in bound volume.)

November-December 1966 - Louis mentioned on p. 141 in article
about the New Orleans Jazz Museum. (Located in bound volume.)

January-February 1967 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

March-April 1967 - Louis mentioned in obituary of Marshall Stearns on p. 35. Edmond Hall obituary. (Located in bound volume.)

May-June 1967 - Louis mentioned throughout cover story, "The First Fifty Years of Jazz." Buster Bailey obituary on p . 54. Red Allen obituary on p. 63. Louis mentioned in article on Pops Foster on p. 67-68. (Located in bound volume.)

July-August 1967- Louis mentioned in cover story, "The First Fifty Years of Jazz." (Located in bound volume.)

September-October 1967 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

November-December 1967 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

January-February 1968 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

March-April 1968 - Article tells of Louis' performance at San Remo, Italy in the "Song Festival" on p. 27. Photo of Louis as a performer at the Jazzfest on p. 34. (Located in bound volume.)

May-June 1968 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

September-October 1968 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

July-August 1968 - Louis quoted on Paul Barbarin on p. 78. (Located in bound volume.)

November-December 1968 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

January-February 1969 - Louis's first cornet mentioned in relation to The New Orleans Jazz Museum on p. 144. (Located in bound volume.)

March-April 1969 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

May-June 1969 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

July-August 1969 - Nothing related to Louis. (Located in bound volume.)

September-October 1969 - Louis quoted as playing in Milenburg on p. 214. (Located in bound volume.)

November 1969 - Photo of Dizzy Gillespie checking out the Armstrong exhibit at the New Orleans Jazz Museum on cover. (Located in bound volume.)

December 1969 - Louis Armstrong Statue Fund discussed on p. 249-250. (Located in bound volume.)

Fall 1975 - A letter to the editor from Lucille Armstrong commends the article by Robert Morris in Summer 1975 on p. 11 (originally included a letter from Myra Menville that is now located in Letters of the Louis Armstrong Collection).

Summer 1975 - Duncan Schiedt photo of Louis in 1947 on the cover. Article about the statue (and its creator) that was unveiled in New Orleans on July 4, 1976. Article by Bob Morris, "The Louis Armstrong Legend," on p. 3-9. (Four copies)

Fall 1976 - Article on Johnny DeDroit explains his relationship with Louis Armstrong on p. 4. Special new lyrics written to the melody of "Sleepy Time Down South" by Leon Rene on p. 20.

Summer 1976 - Reproduction of Armstrong's letter to Captain Joseph Jones of Waifs Home on p. 12-17. (Two copies)

Fall 1978 - Photo of Louis and Bunk Johnson on the cover. News article on Armstrong park on p. 4. (Two copies)

Summer 1980 - Cover photo of the Louis Armstrong Statue at the Armstrong Park dedication on April 15, 1980. Editor Donald Marquis explains history of statue and park.
People Allen, Henry
Arlt, Helen
Armstrong, Lucille Wilson
Assunto, Freddie
Bailey, Buster
Barbarin, Paul
Barker, Danny
Bigard, Barney
Bradley, Jack
Bushkin, Joe
DeDroit, Johnny
Failows, Jeann
Foster, Pops
Gillespie, Dizzy
Glenn, Tyree
Goodwin, Harry E.
Hall, Edmond
Johnson, Bunk
Jones, Joseph
Kyle, Billy
Levin, Floyd
Marquis, Donald
Menville, Myra
Morris, Robert
Napoleon, Marty
Parenti, Tony
Parker, Emerson
Quinn, Snoozer
Rene, Leon
Riddle, Beale
Russell, Pee Wee
Souchon, Edmond
Souchon, Harry
St. Cyr, Johnny
Stearns, Marshall Winslow
Watson, Clay
Search Terms Armstrong Park (New Orleans)
Colored Waif's Home
Las Vegas
Louis Armstrong and His All Stars
New Orleans
San Remo Song Festival
Second Line, The (magazine)
Year Range from 1943
Year Range to 1976
Caption 1987.6.151 - The Second Line - Fall 1978
Accession number 1987.6