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Catalog Number 2003.197.29
Title [Reel-to-reel tape recorded by Louis Armstrong]
Object Type Tape
Collection Satchmo Collection
Description Scope: Recordings of sound recordings. Louis on "The Tonight Show" with guest host Flip Wilson on April 3, 1970. Originally cataloged in ”Tape Catalog #2, Part 1” (see Manuscripts, 1987.2.23).

Contents (as on compact disc reference copy):

Disc 1, Track 1: "Deal Yourself Another Hand" (Butterbeans and Susie); Track 2: "Street Piano" (Butterbeans and Susie); Track 3: "Until the Real Thing Comes Along" (Butterbeans and Susie); Track 4: "Bathing Beauties on Parade" [Bob and Ruth Pillsbury according to Louis's tape catalog]; Track 5: "Sweet Substitute" [Bob and Ruth Pillsbury according to Louis's tape catalog]; Tracks 6-16: Recording of 1967 sound recording by Margalit Ankory and the Feenjon Group, "Jerusalem of Gold." "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold)"; Track 7: "Migdalim (Towers of the Fortress); Track 8: "Erev Ba (Evening Comes); Track 9: "Chiribim"; Track 10: "Habena Badena (We Love Each Other)"; Track 11: "Red Halailah (Night Fell)"; Track 12: "Aravah (Wasteland)"; Track 13: "Rumania"; Track 14: "Daber Elai Bifrachim (Talk to Me with Flowers)"; Track 15: "Rachel"; Track 16: "Shiftatelli"; Tracks 17-23: Recording of 1970 Kim Weston sound recording "Big Brass Four Poster." "Big Brass Four Poster"; Track 18: "Something I Can Feel"; Track 19: "Love Don't Let Me Down"; Track 20: "He's My Love"; Track 21: "Here Come Those Heartaches Again"; Track 22: "What's Gonna Happen to Me"; Disc 2, Tracks 1-4: Continuation of recording of 1970 Kim Weston sound recording "Big Brass Four Poster." "My Man"; Track 2: "Windmills of Your Mind"; Track 3: "Eleanor Rigby"; Track 4: "Sounds of Silence"; Track 5: Louis on the "Tonight Show" on April 3, 1970 with guest host Flip Wilson. Wilson introduces Louis; "We Have All the Time in the World" (Louis Armstrong); Track 6: Wilson talks with Louis; Louis mentions how that's his new recording from the James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"; Louis talks about how his voice is used in the film, but he's not in it; Louis talks about taking the Majestic to England in 1932 and a trumpet player he met on the boat; story cut short for commercial; Track 7: Back on the air, Wilson mentions that Doc Severinsen just played "Struttin' with Some Barbecue"; Louis tells a story about playing that song at the Metropolitan Theatre and seeing a 90-year-old lady snapping her fingers and dancing to it in the front row; Louis continues his story about bringing the British trumpet player to his welcome party at Mike's in Harlem; everyone had nicknames like "Face," "Gizzard," "Boat Nose" and "Satch"; the British trumpet wanted a "moniker" so Louis called him "Majestic Face"; Zutty Singleton stands up and takes a bow in the audience; Louis talks about playing with Zutty at the Savoy with Carroll Dickerson in the 1920s; mentions playing at the Savoy one night with Bix Beiderbecke and Paul Whiteman in the audience and how the drummer had to play chords on the vibes and Singleton messed it up; Louis talks about playing a basketball game between the Savoy team and Clarence Black's team; Louis mentions Ms. Circes's gin and him and Tubby Hall being so out-of-breath during the game and what happened when he got the ball; Track 8: "Someday You'll Be Sorry" (Louis Armstrong); Track 9: "Something" (Kim Weston); Track 10: Flip Wilson talks with Kim Weston; Track 11: Flip Wilson introduces and interviews Dick Smothers; Track 12: Wilson continues interview with Dick Smothers; Track 13: Wilson introduces and interviews Stanley Myron Handleman; Track 14: Wilson introduces Kim Weston; "People" (Kim Weston); Track 15: Wilson talks to Kim Weston (Louis can be heard saying, "Beautiful, babe"); Track 16: "Three Good Reasons" (Frank Ifield); Track 17: "Three Good Reasons" (Frank Ifield); Track 18: "I Wrapped Her in Ribbons" (Frank Ifield); Track 19: "I Wrapped Her in Ribbons" (Frank Ifield).
Tape Information Reel 27 according to ”Tape Catalog #2, Part 1” (see Manuscripts, 1987.2.23)
People Anderson, Gene
Ankory, Margalit
Dickerson, Carroll
Ifield, Frank
Severinsen, Doc
Singleton, Zutty
Smothers, Dick
Weston, Kim
Wilson, Flip
Search Terms Chicago
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (motion picture)
Tonight Show (television program)
Year Range from 1970
Year Range to 1971
Creator Louis Armstrong
Caption 2003.197.29 Front
Accession number 2003.197