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Catalog Number 2003.200.1
Title [Louis visiting with friend/fan, Cathan Shoniker]
Object Type Tape
Collection Satchmo Collection
Description 5" reel-to-reel tape featuring Louis Armstrong visiting with friend/fan, Cathan Shoniker in 1964. Requires advance notification for use.

Side 1
Member of Shoniker family introduces Louis from their home in Aurora and they ask him to say a few words; Louis comes on the microphone and does mock commerical to sell Fords and Thunderbirds (Shoniker family business); Cathan calls this the greatest night of her life and Louis says it's a pleasure being with her, her husband, the twins and Doc Pugh; Louis compliments Cathan on painting she did of Louis and how Lucille will frame it and put it in her den; rest of the side is dinner conversation some of it difficult to hear (Louis’s “Hello, Dolly!” album plays in the background); Louis talks about the movie "Pennies from Heaven" and how you can't do scenes like that anymore because of the NAACP; Louis talks about "Jeepers Creepers," the horse in "Going Places"; Louis almost got hurt and wanted to quit the movie; working with a mynah bird; someone who trained the horse; they talk about films; Cathan praises “The Five Pennies,” which Louis calls “a pleasure”; Louis mentions “High Society”; talk about recording “The Five Pennies Saints”; praises Red Nichols and calls Nichols, Bix Beiderbecke and Jack Teagarden “Bing’s Boys”; quick mention of the Blue Note in Chicago being closed; Shoniker puts on “The Five Pennies Saints” and they listen and react to it; the “Five Pennies” soundtrack album continues to play, obscuring some of the conversation; Shoniker says she can’t find Louis singing “Muskrat Ramble” on Decca and Louis says he’ll send it to her; Louis mentions starting the All Stars in 1947; Louis playing the Palace Theater; soundtrack plays “Good Night, Sleep Tight Medley” and they react to it; Louis talks about recording three different songs at the same time; male mentions someone else he “gets stoned” with Louis asks about him “getting stoned”; man talks to Doc Pugh and mentions he’s “cooking them”; dinner conversation gets jumbled and difficult to hear; Louis mentions a friend with a barbecue joint; “The Music Goes Round and Round” comes on; man does something to break up Louis and Louis tells him looks like Joe Bushkin when he does; Louis tells the Shonikers they’ve lived “a charmed life”; Louis asks about Al Jolson and says, “I love him”; Louis names Jolson, Bill Robinson and Bing Crosby; Louis says, “There was something about Jolson”; Kaye’s “Jingle Bells” comes on and Louis asks if they’ve seen his TV show; Louis mentions seeing Diahann Carroll on Kaye’s show; talk about Red Nichols; Louis mentions he was Jimmy Dorsey’s favorite; ask Louis how he wants his steak (“Medium”); Louis mentions John Scott Trotter (can’t remember his first name but Doc Pugh comes on and remembers); talk about radio announcers (Harry Von Zelle, Don Wilson); talk about Milton Berle; Louis talks about Rudy Vallee, Bing Crosby and Russ Columbo and how it “was a toss up” between the three of them in the old days; Shoniker puts side 2 of “Louis Armstrong Plays W. C. Handy” on and sings along with “Long Gone”; Louis talks about Rudy Vallee; mentions he’s on Broadway and had his own style for the time; talk about Buddy Clark; Doc Pugh asks how Clark was killed and talks about Columbo’s death; Shoniker mentions Doc Pugh singing in the background of “Long Gone”; someone tap dances along with the record; two men (twin brothers) talk about how they used to fight; they talk about their act; demonstrate their “slow motion” fight; Louis laughs; talk about their sales meetings; “Jeepers Creepers” plays in the background; Louis talks about “sharp dog”; “Old Man Mose” plays in background; Louis talks to dog; tape stops abruptly and plays unidentified song; conversation at Shonikers returns, repeating part with dog; Louis says it’s “steak time”; conversation ends. Recording of sound recordings: [unidentified selection] (incomplete): “Where or When”; “I Was Doing All Right” (Louis Armstrong); male voice comes on tape and mentions it’s March 3, 1985.
People Shoniker, Cathan
Year Range from 1964
Year Range to 1964
Accession number 2003.200