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Name Armstrong, Lucille Wilson

Associated Records

1971.1.1 - Armstrong's Widow Plans Memorial

Newspaper clipping from unknown source about Lucille Armstrong's plans to donate her home to the City of New York.

1971.2.1 - Her Life: Sharing Satchmo

Article by Tina Ferguson in the August 20, 1971 edition of the "long Island Press." Lucille thanks fans and friends for their warm wishes upon Louis' death. Photocopy.

1976.1.1 - Satchmo: the man, the horn, the woman

Gloria Cole article in "Fairpress" from June 23, 1976. Lucille talks about her marriage to Louis and living in Corona, Queens. Includes photo of Lucille with the Cal Bailey portrait of Louis. Photocopy.

1985.1.1 - William Doyle Galleries: Auction (1985)

Contains auction catalog and correspondence relating to auction of items from Armstrong estate, including the Armstrong's 1969 blue Fleetwood Brougham Cadillac, much of Lucille's jewelry and Louis's Grammy (erroneously listed in the catalog as a "Commemorative Record Player").

1987.10.001 - Armstrong, Lucille - American Federation of Actors Card - 1939

American Federation of Actors Card "Membership Dues Card" for Lucille B. Wilson, initiated on May 22, 1938 and expiring on October 31, 1939. Includes stamps for dues paid on February 14, 1939.

1987.10.006 - Autograph book: Janet Wilson

Autographed by Janet's friends, mother, and sister, Lucille.

1987.10.007b - Bonanza Village Tract - Sale Deed

"Grant, Bargain, Sale Deed," giving Louis and Lucille Armstrong property in Bonanza Village Tract, Nevada, turned over to tehm by Ulvade Caperton for $10 on April 13, 1962. Gives the Armstrong's ownership of "Lots One and Two in Block Four" (does not give exact addresses). Signed by Uvalde Caperton.

1987.10.009b - City Title Insurance Company

Original Policy of Title Insurance from City Title Insurance Compnay for Lucille Armstrong to purchase her home at 34-56 107th Street in Corona, Queens for $8,000 on March 3, 1943. Policy No. 194,969. Page 3 states, "Deed made by Wilbren Co., Inc., to the insured, dated February, 16th, 1943."

Image of 1987.10.013 - Contracts, 1970 (2 of 4)

1987.10.013 - Contracts, 1970 (2 of 4)

Includes contracts for Pearl Bailey Show, the Mike Douglas Show and Johnny Carson's "Sun City Scandals." Bailey contracts are signed by Bailey herself. The Mike Douglas contracts include ones for Lucille.

Image of 1987.10.014 - Contracts, 1970 (3 of 4)

1987.10.014 - Contracts, 1970 (3 of 4)

Includes contracts for Flip Wilson Show, International Hotel in Las Vegas, the Tropicana in Las Vegas and Barney's Menswear. International Hotel contract contains a letter from Bob Phillips of Associated Booking to Lucille Armstrong. Also includes a contract for the a Christmas Cavalcade for Children of the World to be broadcast on CBS and an attached letter from Bob Phillips's secretary to Lucille saying Phillips would like Louis to consider taking part in it. Also includes letter from Oscar Cohen to Lucille about SAG contracts.

1987.10.017 - Corona Closing Statement

Closing statement for Louis and Lucille's purhcasing of their home at 34-56 107th Street in Corona, Queens on March 3, 1943. Present were John F. Blaha (attorney for seller), Lucille, Louis Kipanis (attorney for purchaser) and Seth V. Butterfield of City Title Insurance Company (see 1987.10.9b for the Title of Insuranche). House was purchased for $8,000 with $300 paid at signing of contract. Louis is mentioned in signing the pruchase money bond along with Lucille for $5,000.

1987.10.020 - Diets (2 of 2)

Contains a typed diet menu originally found in the 1965 book "The New Carbohydrate Gram Counter" (which can be found at 1987.5.487) as well a couple of diets for Lucille; a copy of the "U. S. Ski Team Diet"' an advertisement for a free book by Gayelord Hauser, on which Louis has made a few notes.

1987.10.024 - [Fooki, Dsienick??] (remembrances of Louis)

Contains memories of Louis by Polish jazz musician written down after Lucille's visit. Fooki first met Louis in 1939 and relates his interview with Louis and the All Stars in 1948.

1987.10.025 - Four Leaf Clovers

Envelope marked "Four Leaf Clovers" (in Louis's handwriting), filled with clovers sent to Louis and Lucille from a fan in Ireland in June 1969.

1987.10.025b - French Institute Memorandum of Credit

A “memorandum of credit” for Lucille Armstrong at the French Institute, issued on July 10, 1961 and valid until the fall of 1961.

1987.10.026 - Gilligan, Ross (Reuters) copy on Louis

Contains copy from Reuters after visiting Louis at home after hospitalization. Features Louis and Lucille talking about his illness and recovery and his future plans. Includes Armstrong quoting from an "open letter" he wrote to his fans (that complete document can be viewed at 1987.2.9). This article is addressed to Ira Mangel.

1987.10.029b - Hawaiian Mainliner Stratocruiser - Passenger list - 10 March 1952

List of passengers on the Hawaiian Mainliner Stratocruiser on March 10, 1952. Includes Louis, Lucille, Velma Middleton, Pierre "Frenchy" Tallerie, Barney Bigard, Dot Bigard, Cozy Cole, Doc Pugh, Russ Phillips, Dale Jones, Marty Napoleon and many more.

1987.10.094 - Addresses (miscellaneous)

Various addresses and phone numbers written on scraps of paper by Lucille Armstrong.

1987.10.038 - Johns, Charles A. (Lucille's cousin)

Includes letters to Lucille from NYC Board of Estimate making her beneficiary of her cousin's monies.

1987.10.040 - Lloyd's of London insurance policy

Lloyd's All Risk Policy on jewelry and furs. Written for one year. Includes a description of 21 pieces of Lucille's jewlery and seven of her furs.